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People are tools

I don’t mean it in a bad way, and I’m definately not excluding myself from that comment. But besides the ever great push towards trying to be a thinking and rational being we can’t deny that we are strongly controlled…

thu, feb 26, 2004 | Random
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I’m an ass, so I’m going to say it

I don’t want to paint the picture that the writer of this article doesn’t know his stuff. It’s clear that when it comes to RAID he has a good grasp of the subject, probably a better grasp then mine. However,…

mon, feb 23, 2004 | Gadgets and Hardware
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Programmers with a sense of Humor

Windows Programmers Do Have a Sense of Humor! This probably isn’t as humorous to non-programmers, but I just thought it was hillarous to see the FF_DONTCARE font family value! It’s priceless! FF_DONTCARE : Don’t care of don’t know….

sat, feb 21, 2004 | Programming
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I Hate Kahzam!!!

Yet it’s such a good place to level. * Disclaimer:While everyone may shout out the best things of Kahzam, an area in FFXI where levels 25 - 30ish can level rather quickly, it is only if, and only if, you…

fri, feb 20, 2004 | MMOs
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Fighting Back Against the RIAA

I hadn’t heard anything about people countersuing the RIAA, but apperantly there are actually those out there that think the RIAA is being a little too harsh in its tactic of suing consumers. It’s actually interesting to note that ony…

thu, feb 19, 2004 | Online Chatter
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The Science Fiction Author

I’m a big fan of Arthur C. Clark. He’s books are inspiring and very thought provoking. The Onion has an interview with him about his latest works and his thoughts on religion and science. I feel that I’ve been slacking…

wed, feb 18, 2004 | Online Chatter
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In Final Fantasy XI, “ZZZ” is interpreteted as being asleep due to a spell. It’s a most annoying state effect removing the ability to move and do pretty much everything except for talk and sit. Furthermore, the protective spell against…

wed, feb 18, 2004 | Online Chatter
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Windows is complicated

I never thought that one of the reasons that IT management likes Apache server is that it’s easy to configure because of its text config file. At least I don’t feel alone in the IIS looks overly complicated for what…

tue, feb 17, 2004 | Online Chatter
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Had a great time with Kate this past valentines day weekend. We spent friday night at a local bed and breakfast: The Laurel Oak Inn. We forgot to make reservations earlier. Kate also thought she could eat fancy food as…

mon, feb 16, 2004 | Journal
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I Got Blisters on My Fingers!!!

Went to the Career fair at FIU yesterday, and besides getting an interview with IBM, I also got a blister on the back of my heel. It hurts. Last time I wear those shoes. Yep. I’ll be gimping for several…

tue, feb 10, 2004 | Journal
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The Beatles still No 1!

This weeks Entretainment Weekly has a cover story about the Beatles: Are they still relevant? 40 years after their performance on Ed Sullivan there is a new generation of Beatle fans. It seems that they have become an underground craze…

tue, feb 10, 2004 | Music , Random
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The Chair of the Grand Poo Bah

Was playing FFXI last night, like most nights, and I found this big chair. Just had to take a picture….

mon, feb 9, 2004 | MMOs
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New Browser!

Mozilla came out with a new version of Firebird, 0.8!! It’s now called Firefox but it’s still the nifty lite and alternative new browser….

mon, feb 9, 2004 | Online Chatter
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Experiencing Minor Problems

I’m not sure if I should be worried, but I think my replacement hard drive is starting to tick……

thu, feb 5, 2004 | Website News
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It Sounds Like a Pentium 5

Intel released the next version of the Pentium 4 just a couple of days ago - Monday to be exact. And though I don’t feel like its the best product in history, I also don’t feel that it’s also the…

wed, feb 4, 2004 | Programming
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Server Issues

This past week has been somewhat annoying. FFXI servers have been down periodically without any notice. So instead of getting my fix I was actually doing something productive. But what really gets me about that is that I’m paying not…

mon, feb 2, 2004 | Video Games
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Oooh… plates!

It’s plates!!!…

mon, feb 2, 2004 | Random
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