I Hate Kahzam!!!

Yet it’s such a good place to level. *

While everyone may shout out the best things of Kahzam, an area in FFXI where levels 25 - 30ish can level rather quickly, it is only if, and only if, you find a good party to play with. For those logically inept, this means that one statement cannot happen without the other. The problem is that in this area “good” parties are hard to come by.

But what is a good party?
Good parties are well rounded ones with folk that know what they are doing and always have at least one White Mage (WHM). That brings us to two problems found in Kahzam, the WHM population there is very small, thought it is small throught the world, and there is a surprising amount of people that don’t know what they are doing.

The first problem is straight forward enough, if there are 10 WHM in the area, then there will be a maximum of 10 good parties there. The second problem is two fold, because people don’t know what they are doing then they are unable to quickly respond to battle situations. Though in previous levels monsters are not usually a threat to a party this is not the situation in Kahzam where monsters have increadible health and defense. So if people are unable to react quickly then deaths soon follow. I’ve been known to act stupid in ocassions. Not only does this slow the pace of hunting, but it also irriates more knowledge players. Some players won’t bother partying with anyone in this area if they do not know some of the basics in FFXI combat.

All of this combines to hours and experience wasted trying to find a good party. It’s really rather a pain.

February 20, 2004 09:36 AM MMOs


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