I’m an ass, so I’m going to say it

I don’t want to paint the picture that the writer of this article doesn’t know his stuff. It’s clear that when it comes to RAID he has a good grasp of the subject, probably a better grasp then mine. However, what I do want to point, because I’m a little peeved after reading his article, is that I can see where the how the ignorant techie fanboy thing still persists.

Techie Fanboys would be those people that are always blindly going after the “best” because it’s better and always wins over that which is of “lesser.” Because things that are “lesser” arent as good as “best” things and as such suck. The use of such wors when describing computer technology, not even product in particular, is awful! Very smart people spent lots of time working on the standards that power todays systems and unless that technolgy has become obsolete or the people werent very smart to begin with, its rather degrading to call the technologies as “lesser.”

There are many other descriptive words that can be used and will give a better picture and idea why such technology may not be the same as other. RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 can be said to be simple forms of RAID instead of “lesser” forms. Just because they are simple does not mean they suck and should be avoided like the plague because they are “lesser.” There are pleanty of good uses for these simple RAID forms that don’t require complex processors to calculate parity. Like the author said, these RAID forms are almost ubiquitous and so is very inexpensive for an end user to make one of these arrays.

But now im sure some techie fanboy will be pushing for RAID 3,4 or 5 just because he doesnt want to have a RAID that is “lesser.” *sigh*

Meh… just throwing away some cents.

February 23, 2004 04:37 AM Gadgets and Hardware


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