The Beatles still No 1!

This weeks Entretainment Weekly has a cover story about the Beatles: Are they still relevant? 40 years after their performance on Ed Sullivan there is a new generation of Beatle fans. It seems that they have become an underground craze among young people, you know, the ones that listen to pop music and hip hop and are the only ones that are “cool” (the group I was never a part of). It was nice to note that the move to the Beatles comes from the trite prepackaged feel of current contemporary music. I used to be a pop contemporary listener and only until a few years ago did I move into rock, alternative and jpop because pop just seemed to bubbly and too much of the same thing. Besides that, its hard to connect with the artists, all dressed up in expensive clothes trying to duke it out in the battlefield of who’s more popular or gets more press coverage. Who cares? I just want some good music.

February 10, 2004 09:27 AM Random


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