entries from march 2004

The Numbers Come Out

Just last night I was talking about how it was nice to see Intel move to a product numbering system and when I wake up today AnandTech has the numbering system that Intel is going to adopt. Not to knock…

tue, mar 30, 2004 | Gadgets and Hardware
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Hell Freezing Over

Though not quite as big as when Steve Jobs said Hell froze over just because iTunes got ported over to Windows, it’s still pretty big news. Not that it’s rather new news, it’s actually somewhat old. I’m not sure if…

mon, mar 29, 2004 | Gadgets and Hardware
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Back in Miami

Got back from my spring break last night. It was awfully tired. Too much to talk about really since last wednesday, and too little time to think about it all. There were fun parts, but the trip to Disney wasn’t…

mon, mar 29, 2004 | Random
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Now I Really Hate the PS2

It’s been a week or so since I last played FFXI. I’ve missed it lots. Unfortunately, now that I’m back at home, at a computer that can play it, with a connection that won’t drop me, and I can’t play…

mon, mar 29, 2004 | Video Games
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From Gainesville…

I got here on last friday. Saturday we had a surprise party for Chris. He got pissed drunk. And I’ve completely lost access to the internet world. Its hard to stay up to date when all you have is a…

mon, mar 22, 2004 | Random
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Damn that sun!

Did anyone have problems the past week trying to access java.sun.com? I wasnt’ able to install tomcat on my server this week because I couldn’t reach java.sun.com and download Java 2 1.4 SDK for linux!!! I don’t know when I’ll…

fri, mar 5, 2004 | Random
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All work and no play…

I lie. It’s really mostly work and some play. Well, maybe 50-50. The past week or so has been really hectic. Last weekend I spent half working on my windows programming assigment (a do-nothing type of program that took 2…

fri, mar 5, 2004 | Journal
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