All work and no play…

I lie. It’s really mostly work and some play. Well, maybe 50-50. The past week or so has been really hectic. Last weekend I spent half working on my windows programming assigment (a do-nothing type of program that took 2 weeks to code) and playing FFXI. On the good side, I got my program 95% done and leveled my Thief job to 17. Yay!

The rest of the week I’ve been subbornly working on the last 5% of the program - I’m stuck on one piece of logic that decides how it should select some objects on the screen - and working on my Software Engineering assigment. I really hate that class. I really, really, hate it. Not only are the lectures in the hopeless side of boring, and the notes on the hopeless side of bad, but it’s hard do see how the notes and lectures apply to the project we have to do. See, in software engineering, we have to design a program from scratch using accepted software production models (like the waterfall model). Right now wer’re getting ready to present next thursday and hand in our Design Document the tuesday after that. The bad part of all this is that it’s all rather complex and even trying to abstract it all makes little to no sense. But we forge ahead. At least our last document was an A.

In other news… Kate is coming today.

March 5, 2004 09:00 AM Journal


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