From Gainesville…

I got here on last friday. Saturday we had a surprise party for Chris. He got pissed drunk. And I’ve completely lost access to the internet world. Its hard to stay up to date when all you have is a dial-up connection.

Mind you, this time i brought my laptop hoping that would motivate me to log on more often. Nope. Didn’t work. I guess its because I really brought my laptop so i could do some homework, and it being my spring break right now, i want nothing to do with any type of homework. Actually, all that I’ve been doing is reading all the magazines Kate has lying around - all the magazins which Keith accidentally signed up for. I have a new respect for the Honda Element thanks to Car and Driver.

Keith’s two orange kitties are driving us crazy. They keep us up at night by attacking our poor unprotected feetsies. Our poor feetsies. In any case, it’s all been fun (or rather good). Two Mondays ago when it was Kate’s spring break we went to see the Barenaked Ladies in Orlando. It was a hell of a drive to get there before the show and come back extremely tired and hoping not to kill ourselves. But the concert was awsome. Kate said that it was the best she has ever seen thanks to the choreagraphy in “Shopping”. We both got key chains.

Today we had lunch at the restaurant we should have gone to February 13. Instead of going to the wine-centric paramount, we should have gone to Bistro 12## (I cant remember the actual number). It was a nice little place with pretty good food. Oh well.

March 22, 2004 09:39 AM Random


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