entries from april 2004

Flug Tag

So I went to a little thing called Flug Tag yesterday. It was lots of fun. Not only was I able to convince Chris to go, but I met up with another friend over at Bayfront. Now, if you don’t…

sun, apr 25, 2004 | Journal
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I’m really nice… I swear…

Yeah. To that person that tried to IM me on Satruday… I kinda leave my aim window on without leaving an away message. I wasn’t purposefully ignoring you, I was in the other room all night playing Final Fantasy Tactics….

sun, apr 25, 2004 | Random
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I don’t understand how people can put spam on my server. Well, I understand how, but I don’t understand why. I mean, the advertising they put up on the comments is very spam-like: penis enlargment, breast enlargment, viagra. And I’m…

thu, apr 22, 2004 | Website News
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I’m not sure I’ve posted or said anything about the Wedding. Yes, the wedding. The date is July 24th, and I hope all my friends that read this page/site/place and do not yet know about it can start to email…

thu, apr 22, 2004 | Journal
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On Fileservers

I was finally able to bring to fruition a project/dream I’ve had for a long while. Yesterday I built my fileserver. The only thing that was keeping me from reaching my goal was the lack of two big hard drives….

mon, apr 19, 2004 | Gadgets and Hardware
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Programming Concepts

I’m out of my first exam and I’m feeling good. It was as long as my midterm. It’s quite annoying when profs do that, and they make the final worth a whopping 40% of the toal grade. Grrr. Either way,…

mon, apr 19, 2004 | Programming
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School is almost over

So I’m almost finished with my semester. And so, I can post something. For the past two weeks or so I’ve been hard from the time i get home to around 1am on my projects. It’s been a little of…

sun, apr 18, 2004 | Random
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