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I was finally able to bring to fruition a project/dream I’ve had for a long while. Yesterday I built my fileserver. The only thing that was keeping me from reaching my goal was the lack of two big hard drives. They came in earlier this month thanks in part to a nice paycheck. It was funny that a day after my two Western Digital 80GB drives arrived, my computer’s motherboard died. Yeah, Asuka is down for the moment.

It was one of those moments that almost broke me from all the stress. With a 8 days remainding for my windows program and software engineering group project, and no computer, I wasn’t so sure that I could pass any of my classes. It’s a good thing my Dad keeps an extra computer that I was able to steal for a while. My groupmates had a face of horror when I told them the tragedy, thinking that my server (Ashitaka) had died. If that had happen, I wouldn’t be here now.

Either way, yesterday I headed to the airport - the area around which goes by many names but especiallizes in the gray market of computer parts - to pick up a case. Though I really shouldn’t trust cheapy case power supplies, I don’t have the money at the moment for good reliable ones. The new computer (Motoko) is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I had problems with the Fedora installation actually noticing two drives instead of a hardware array of drives. Besides, I’ll be picking up my MCSE studying and it would be nice to have a Windows Server handy. I was for a second thinking to install Windows Server 2003, but I don’t think a 5 year old 366MHz Celeron with 128 MB RAM is really ready for such an advanced system. Hell, my dad’s extra computer - a 1.2 GHz celeron with 128 MB RAM - has serious issues running Windows 2000.

As for Asuka (my everyday computer) I’m still hopefull on getting a replacement motherboard when my next paycheck comes in. I’m looking to spend at most $120 on either an Abit or Asus Motherboard. Though I’m not sure if its worth spending $30-$40 more just for the MCP-T of the nForce 2 chipset since I’ve been wanting to get an Audigy 2 anyways. Besides, I’m not going to use that extra RAID and second Ethernet port. I’ll definately be looking for an Asus though, my file server’s motherboard was originally found in an HP Pavillion - it was an Asus part - and considering how good its still running, its a worth while investment.

April 19, 2004 11:00 AM Gadgets and Hardware


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