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I’m out of my first exam and I’m feeling good. It was as long as my midterm. It’s quite annoying when profs do that, and they make the final worth a whopping 40% of the toal grade. Grrr. Either way, it went by too fast and felt to easy, which means only one thing: I got C. Oh well. At least I found the two derivation trees I needed for one of the questions! It was hiding, but alas, I found him! Victory is mine!

I was actually getting a little nervous on that question: “given a Context Free Grammar, show it is ambigous.” It took me a good quarter or more of the entire time I took on the exam. I was thinking that perhaps my only chance was to bring up a theorem: “If a tree has more then two left most derivations, then it is ambigous.” Yeah, computer science is very much a subset of Math.

I have one more exam today: Advanced Windows Programming. Ooooh. Just saying those words sends a chill through my body, it’s like I’m actually a big shot programmer. Hopefully I’ll come out alright.

April 19, 2004 10:43 AM Programming


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