I’m not sure I’ve posted or said anything about the Wedding. Yes, the wedding. The date is July 24th, and I hope all my friends that read this page/site/place and do not yet know about it can start to email Kate or I as we’ll be sending the invitations soon. Actually, that’s one of the things in the agenda for when Kate comes down next week. We’re hoping to get a lot things done, including getting my tux - I think Kate said the closest After Hours is in Aventura Mall. Where is that? We also hope to do some tasting - have to pick the right food for the celebration - and the getting of a cake. I still say that the Cheescake Factory should be able to handle special requests.

We also have Bridal Registry at Bed Bath & Beyond. Please get us things, we’re poor! I’m personally hoping to get some of the stainless steel cooking utensils, that and the cookware. And though perhaps you’ve heard allegations that I don’t cook, they are all lies. I swear! Really! Kate can vouch for me!

Now that I’m looking at this registry again, screw everything else, what I really want, *ahem*, what we really want is the Belgian Waffle Maker. Yum…

April 22, 2004 09:30 AM Journal


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holy shit, i check back in a couple months and you're engaged! shit well... congrats and where can i drop off the blender?

Posted by: tim | April 23, 2004 10:36 AM

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