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When did Alta Vista change its look? Doesn’t it look very Google-like? Interesting.

The register has s good view on the currentSearch Wars. Ooooh, Search Wars. Well, I don’t really know what to call it, but everyone this year is all hyped about it. It’s not a new thing either. Since last year, ever since Microsoft came out proclaiming to have a killer search technique in the works the whole search has exploded. I understand why search is important. You really can’t access information you need on the internet without having to look for it in search sites.

You could start in directories, like yahoo, but directories are very incomplete. They usually only cary about 5 to 10 websites per topic when you reach the end of a topic, like regional > cities > florida > miami > entretainment > radio > stations. Which adds another point, directories are hard to naviagte. So even for a directory, you want to have an easy way to query it.

I’m not sure how Microsoft thinks its natural language search is going to work. Ask Jeeves was never any good at doing what it promised. Having taken a little on languages and algorithms, it’s extremely hard to parse natural languages. And Microsoft wants to return a page containing all the information you asked for rather then a list of pages? I know that sounds a little nice, but only if im searching for things I know can be easily defined and found in an encyclopedia. But if im going to search on the “features” of IE, I would like to see a list of links to people who have found these features and have good advice about them. Or maybe thats just me.

And then theres google. I’m not sure how other companies are going to knock the current champion of searches from the top. The key to Google’s lead is its determination to throw more computers to the problem. There are lots of articles out there that put the number of computers google has at over 10,000. And those are just small estimates. The thing about google, is not only that it can quickly return a list of thousands of sites, in ranking system that is somewhat effecient, but that it has easily accessible tools from that list. You can view the cached site, you can translate the site.

I really can’t tell the direction things are going, but it does look like one of those battles that can only benefit the consumer, for if a site wants to leap ahead, they will likely have to develop something very unique and useful. We’ll just have to see what that is.

May 18, 2004 09:39 AM Online Chatter


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