Here I come PHP

I spent the better part of last night trying to get IDS, My Photo Gallery and emAlbum to work. My goal is to have all the picture galleries in one spot - instead of two different ones. I know that they aren’t really the same - theres a different between my sketches and photos of events in my life, but they are all pictures right? So I want to have it in one place, nicely organized. So, I looked into these scripts for help.

IDS and My Photo Gallery use Image Magick to dynamically generate thumbs of the pictures I give it. And though I was able to set both scripts up, I had errors once I added albums and photos. Both had different errors, and I just didn’t have the patience last night to deal with them.

So, I tried out emAlbum, which is a simpler script for the lack of Image Magick. I was able to get this all set up and working 100%. I probably would have left it for the moment just to have something there, except I ran into a snag. emAlbum uses tables for layout. And considering that this should be compatible, to some extent, with the new structural design I just couldn’t think to use emAlbum.

Unfortunately Hot Scripts didn’t have any remaining perl scripts that looked good, so I decided to look for php ones. I found out that when you switch from perl to php, the level of complexity in scripts multiply, I suppose because every php script seems to use mysql. Anyways, I found one that looks like it might be able to meet my needs, so tonight I plan to install php and it and see how things go.

May 20, 2004 09:15 AM Software


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