It’s Re-Born!

I just finished uploading the redesign of the site. I still don’t like to call it a redesign, it’s really more a polished version. The code got cleaned up on the static pages, and I’m not sure how it looks on the MT or emAlbum pages, but I hope it’s compliant.

What do you guys think? Nifty looking eh?

I decided to go with emAlbum - even though I wasn’t liking the template for output, but after thinking about it, its really hard to present the pictures in a table view without using a table. Some of the php solutions also used tables.

The funny thing was that I had a hard time installing php5. Well, it wasn’t hard, I was just stupid. In the end, though I got it installed, my apache version just isn’t new enough to use with the cutting edge php5. *sigh* Then I spent some days trying to run up2date and then yum. And while I did get to update most of my packages with yum - up2date really sucks - php5 still didnt work.

Now I’m thinking of one thing I can do: update to Fedora Core 2. Now besides possibly being able to get php 5 to work, I’ll also get the advantage of a new kernel. Oooh… 2.6. But I’ve yet to update a linux distro and I hope that updating isnt the same as erasing everything and installing it all again. I’m also a little worried that it could make MT stop working. *sigh*

Maybe when I get back from camping/moving kate/summer/life. Thats one thing that I’m really looking forward to though: getting to move Kate back down to Miami so she’s not as far she is now!

May 22, 2004 03:53 AM Website News


Comments left behind by readers like you

I'm thinking about not updating to Fedora Core 2 for now. I'm really happy that my server has been going strong for 5 months already. *knock on wood* So I don't think I'm going to touch it for a while - besides running yum now that I know how to. It was an evenining job you know... Almost like installing FFXI.

Posted by: darksama | May 23, 2004 07:29 AM

I updated to Fedora Core 2 today from Fedora Core 2 Test 3. :) Not a huge leap...but I still don't recommend it.

I ended up with more bugs than I started with! And that was going from beta to release...I'm guessing that if I formatted and installed FC2 fresh, there wouldn't have been so many problems.

But like an idiot, I have / and /home on the same partition and I just don't feel like backing-up and restoring everything if I don't have to.

Best of luck, whatever you do!

Posted by: Eddie Williams | May 23, 2004 12:43 PM

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