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All I’ve done at work yesterday and today - or actually the day before yesterday and yesterda - was work on re-designing the company website. Mostly because I didn’t have any work to do and I was really getting tired of the old one. I have this nagging feeling that the current one just doesn’t look right outside of our office. Though I doubt the new design in the works will fare better - its the closest I’ve ever gotten to XHTML 1 Strict and CSS 2.1.

What that means: You need something pretty damn new to view it as I’m designing it.

The upshot: Because I am following the standards as best as possible, along with their design philosophy, I’m hoping that the new design will look good regardless what browser you’re using. What this means for non-geek people, or rather those that don’t know anything about web publishing and design, is that things are different then when the web first appeared.

Originally web page documents, or html files, were somewhat like MS Word files. The content and the how it looked is stored in one file and it will always look the same. The web is different now. Now, the html file is only supposed to contain structural information about the content like, “this block of text is a paragraph, and that is a level 1 heading”. Guidelines on the style of the document are described differently and while the information can be stored in the the same document (appart from the document’s content), it doesn’t have to.

And the bottom line of that tech laced jargon? That regardless what type of browser you use, the content will be accessible and easily readable, even if it doesn’t look like you want it too. And that’s a good thing. It puts less stress on me trying to get just the right look on one browser and then going to another where it looks like crap. Now I’m just doing my styles as guidelines and it all seems to pop together. I do still have some styles that need to be different depending on the browser - because some browsers don’t follow the standards so well.

May 15, 2004 12:50 PM Website News


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