My new addiction

I remember a couple of years back, when all my friends where still in Miami and I still lacked anything I could call a life, I was up to date on all the latest computer games. Now, I haven’t played anything other then FFXI for the longest time (I haven’t even played that in the longest time). Last night I tried to get back onto my favorite online realm when my computer froze. It’s been running fine the last couple of days, but as soon as I try to play my game, I can’t! How ridiculous is that? Seriously! I’m never going to get to play that game again.

Just in case it could have been something wrong with directx, or maybe some weird software thing about 3d or processors when I’m playing a 3d game, I installed Rise of Nations. Which isn’t an overwhelming 3d experience, but the game uses more of the directx API then my regular computing experience. So, if there was something about directx that my computer didn’t like, I would have thought that the game would crash with any game.

It didn’t. And now I’m left with my next game of choice. I’m many have tried out Rise of Nations, because it’s been a good year since it was released, and are very satisfied with it. Hell, you probably won’t be surprised when I say it’s very much like an expanded Age of Empires. But you knew that already. But I didn’t! Cause I’ve been busy working and studying that I don’t get to play games! sigh

I’m just a little bitter…

May 26, 2004 07:55 AM Video Games


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