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Yesterday I did a massive search for a new blog client. Perhaps not as massive as a star, though I did spend a good 30 minutes at it. Now you’re asking, but there’s a perfectly good client called w.bloggar. Yes, know. I’ve used it before. And while it’s nice, and very pretty, I’ve always had some problems with it. It always felt like it locked up when I posted something - that should have been a multi threaded task. It always gave me some error when I posted entries, so I would post them again, to get that same error and have two copies of that post on MT. Maybe I’ll give it a try when version 4 comes out, but in the mean time, I decided to look for something else.

So I found MT Client at blog entry which was looking to find a replacement for w.bloggar. So when I meant massive search, I really just meant search randomly on google until I found a site that had what I wanted. This is my first post with MT Client, and I’ll be trying it out over the week. It’s not as pretty at w.bloggar, but not everything can be pretty. At least it looks very functional.

One thing I thought interesting in this person’s blog was his need for a preview. Why do you need a preview? I mean, you know how your site looks like, and unless every post you make has visuals and tables and ooohs and aahhs, why do you need a preview? Blog entries are mostly text - content.

Second thing of interest: MT Client has buttons for <B>, <I> and <U>. Tisk, tisk. Using deprecated tags isn’t very forward compatible.

May 24, 2004 08:14 AM Software


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