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Over the weekend, while trying to make all my HTML structural, I found a great IE feature. Ever since HTML 4, when structural tags were added, there’s been a small little rarely used tag: <q>. This tag, a paired tag, is used to show that the text inside is a quote. It’s a useful little thing because you no longer have to worry about typing in the values for the quote symbols - the browser takes care of it for you. Unless of course, that browser happens to be IE. IE does absolutely nothing when it comes to <q>, and because it is so inept at following standards, you can’t even fix that with the CSS psuedo-classes.

So what am I to do? I’m still going through with my goal to make my HTML as structural as possible, so I’m doing some dirty CSS Tricks highlighted here (each time I find something on a blog, it makes me feel even that much stupid, id on’t know why). I was actually thinking on just having quoted text be italics for everyone, but given that IE also doesnt support the child selector, it makes good sense to use the second rule for non IE browsers. Which is acutally really silly to do that as 95% of visitors to this site use IE.

Shame on you! Specially all of you geek friends that I have! You call yourself geeks! Use FireFox!!

May 17, 2004 09:32 AM HTML and CSS


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