Twenty-Five Percent

At least I wish I was that far along in my redesign process. And though I feel that because I’m saying redesign that this will actually be the 4th version of the website, the new look I’m preparing really isn’t all that different.

So far I’ve cleaned up the html in the current design - no more tables, no more style attributes in html elements, no more visual fixes - and changed some colors in the style sheets. And so, the lack of a version 4 when it does come out - hopefully in a week or so.

There are going to be some site structural changes however. I’m hoping to get a good image gallery script - looking into ids right now. With that I’ll be putting all the galleries under one heading. It makes a little more sense this way I think.

It’ll take a little to have all this out though. Like I said, besides changing some things in the css, there are some html bugs to clear from all the static pages. And so far I’m still ironing out the design on the main page.

Keep your eyes peeled though.

May 16, 2004 03:06 AM Website News


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