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Geek Style

Last week I went to get my eyes checked. I really needed a new pair of glasses. So I headed to For Eyes with my prescription and spent a good hour or so looking at all the different styles they…

wed, jun 30, 2004 | Journal
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Searching for the Mayhem

It appears that Apple also wants into the recent round of latest computer technologies. Like everyone and their mom, Apple wants to make it easier for users to search their hard drives as well as the web. I think it’s…

tue, jun 29, 2004 | Online Chatter
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Down one Car

Kate’s car broke down yesterday. Being a computer geek, I have no I dea what went wrong with the car. We were out Saturday when the noise started, and it wasn’t very healthy. Now, I wasn’t so sure it was…

tue, jun 29, 2004 | Journal
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A change would do a company good

Due to recent problems with IE, I’m thinking on installing either firefox or mozilla/netscape in the computers at work. Considering these threats have been harder to diagnose on computers, switching just seems like the best option….

tue, jun 29, 2004 | Software
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DRM sucks donkey butt

I suppose this is a little late, there was a link to this article that was floating around the web so much last week and I don’t really feel like losing it. Sure I can bookmark it, but while I’ve…

mon, jun 28, 2004 | Online Chatter
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Get Your Invitations!

A public message to all of my friends: To those that want to attend the Wedding this July the 24th, please send me an email (the address is at the bottom of each page) or send me and IM (archiecq…

thu, jun 24, 2004 | Random
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A Move

It’s been a little more then a week, but I finally have ready access to the internet. Last wednesday I made the last train trip to Ocala to see Kate. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all blending in at the…

thu, jun 24, 2004 | Random
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Windows Styles

Over the weekend I went ahead and made my computer slower by installing StyleXP. It’s not the first time I’ve done it. It doesn’t hog too many resources - well, only once you pass the 30 day trial limit, don’t…

wed, jun 16, 2004 | Random
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Whats You’re Favorite BnL Album?

I’ve been browsing amazon.com lately and I keep coming up on BnL CD’s. There’s some customer reviews on Everything to Everyone that completely bash Maroon. It’s not my favorite Album, but it did have it’s moments. I particularly liked Off…

sun, jun 13, 2004 | Music , Random
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I got a domain!

So, I decided to get a domain name - they are getting pretty cheap now, $9.99/year. I remember back in the day it was $75/year to do it with INTERNIC. I don’t think that included the activation fee though. I’m…

sun, jun 13, 2004 | Random , Website News
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The Chipmunks do Limp Bizkit!

As big of a geek that I am, my car still only has a tape deck. It’s 2004 and I’m still stuck with a tape deck. So, every so often I make new tapes so I can listen to. Actually,…

sat, jun 12, 2004 | Music
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Massive Link Attack!

The week has been pretty slow for me. I’ve actually done several things, but it’s been very uninspiring. I suppose I just can’t wait untill next Wednesday, when I get to board a train to go see Kate to be…

fri, jun 11, 2004 | Online Chatter
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j.noname: personal public library

It’s friday night and I’m stuck at home. My mom and sister are going to watch Harry Potter today (I’m waiting to see it with Kate). I have no friends, so here I am at home. Though it’s not all…

fri, jun 11, 2004 | Programming
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Interplay is closing down? No wonder Black Isle Studio got the axe last Christmas. What does this bring to my beloved RPG franchise? I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Fallout 3 games anytime soon I’m sure. Sigh. I’ve really…

mon, jun 7, 2004 | Video Games
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Be Like Water

So, I was flipping through channels when I landed on AMC. They just showed a special on Bruce Lee called: “Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey”. It was really good. The last 40 minutes of the show ran uninterrupted - the…

sat, jun 5, 2004 | Random
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An Open Review on MT Client

Perhaps today I’ll be luckier and be able to finish this post. I’m very satisfied with this little blog client that could. It’s very simple, just type and post. It’s very easy to use, everything there is to change or…

fri, jun 4, 2004 | Software
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Rude to the tenth degree

Wow… I was in the middle of writing something on MT Client, when out of curiosity I clicked on something in the program only to realize that it erased my entire 3 paragraph entry! How rude!…

thu, jun 3, 2004 | Random
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Rolling Back Time

*sneeze* *cough* I still feel a little sick. Somewhat better then yesterday, and while I would love to stay at home and rest, I have some important work to do (maybe I’ll just go to work to pick it up…

wed, jun 2, 2004 | HTML and CSS
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Three point Oh Dee

A week or so after the entire web exploded with a new found hatred towards six apart after they released Movable Type 3.0 Developer Edition I upgraded my MT. This is probably against what everyone and their mother seems to…

wed, jun 2, 2004 | Software , Website News
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I have been forsaken

I’m horribly sick today. Over the holiday weekend I went camping with some friends (Chris and Matt and the group of people that they go with every year each memorial day weekend). In a nutshell: it was fun. In a…

tue, jun 1, 2004 | Journal
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