A Move

It’s been a little more then a week, but I finally have ready access to the internet. Last wednesday I made the last train trip to Ocala to see Kate. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are all blending in at the moment. It was 3 long days of moving.

There was a big mess about U-Haul renting. A month ago when we made the reservations, we decided to go for two different trucks. One from Talahasse to Gainesville, the other from Gainesville to Miami. It was a good idea on paper - we’d be saving some money as U-haul rentals from Talahassee are awfully expensive. Regardless to say, we were regretting our desicion when we got to Gainesville and we were tired with a whole appartment still to be packed and shipped. I suppose I have to thank the lose franchise way U-haul does business. Since we got a bigger truck in Talahasse, we just filled that up, returned at Gainesville and rented the same one out. It was still a lot of tetris though.

The place is still a mess and boxes and things are all over the place, but it’s definately home. I moved in with Kate into her Mom’s house. We got ourselves one room to ourselves and a bathroom.

We’re expecting Jessica, Kate’s sister, to come in this Saturday. I’m not sure if were going to have the place cleaned for her in time.

I’m moving out of my parent’s house slowly. Getting just required stuff out as I needed. Theres not a lot of room to work with. I also needed to get the Internet shared - Kate’s Mom has DSL, thank god - and get the cables to where they need to be. We have three computers in our room alone so I got an extra 5 port switch. It was only when I got all of that done that my computers were brought over.

The webserver stays at home - it makes more noise then the file server. So I’ve been thinking about moving my website to a hosting company. It’s rainy season here in Miami, so there are more chances of thunderstorms. I won’t have access to my webserver to turn it back on in case of a brownout. I’m split though, I also have no money.

June 24, 2004 07:57 AM Random


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Who says I'm joking? I'll cancel this damned wedding; see if I give a shit. I hate all this bullshit, and I ain't getting any help. I didn't want this wedding anyway, so no skin off my back. Someone better start making an effort, because I've lost any little motivation I had. Deal with it. I'm done.

Posted by: Kate | June 25, 2004 02:21 AM

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