An Open Review on MT Client

Perhaps today I’ll be luckier and be able to finish this post.

I’m very satisfied with this little blog client that could. It’s very simple, just type and post. It’s very easy to use, everything there is to change or set up is viewable from the main window - no need to dig through menus or dialogs. Some of the things that you can do easily is add several categories for each post, change the post Date and Time, have control over allowing comments, and for those not familiar with html it adds some code in for you (though it does use deprecated tags <i>, <b> and <u>). It tells me when it’s busy posting, though that still a one thread job apparently. It also does real time checking for spelling, which is something I know you readers have been enjoying.

On the downside there are problems with the post date and time settings. One time I posted it MT Client set the date a full 12 hours before, my only guess is that the window had been open that long. Unless the “Set Post Date and Time” check box is checked, MTC should use the time at which the user presses Post. Another problem, possibly a bug which bit me yesterday, is the risk of losing your entire entry if you go into any dialog to change some settings. I was looking around for some extra things to add when after I closed a dialog my entire entry had disappeared. This last point specifically makes the product feel unpolished and incomplete.

While the program could do with some nicer images and perhaps better placement to make it look at least more professional, these two points should be fixed. It would also be nice to have settings dialog, in which I could change the behavior of the Posting Date and Time for example among other things.

MT Client is really a nice little program though, it does everything it advertises, that is be a pretty simple easy yet powerful client for MT, to do, though it has some little problems. Even with the problems I think I might stick to MT Client for a little bit, as much as I liked w.bloggar I always had problems when I wanted to post; I always got the and error claiming it couldn’t post but it really had. That’s something I yet have experienced with MT Client.

June 4, 2004 08:05 AM Software


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