I have been forsaken

I’m horribly sick today.

Over the holiday weekend I went camping with some friends (Chris and Matt and the group of people that they go with every year each memorial day weekend). In a nutshell: it was fun. In a negative note: Everything that could happen to Kate happened. On a positive note: I didn’t sunburn badly.

Really though, it was a great and fun experience even though half the time I was taking care of Kate. She was a real trooper trying not to be much of a burden or overly whiny when halfway through the first day’s canoeing she found out that the trip was just not for her. I was just happy to try not to make her cry and collapse, and she was trying not to make me feel so worried about her. We kept our spirits up even when her body was fighting back at her the last day. I myself, didn’t start feeling bad until yesterday (the trip was Saturday through Monday, though we left very early on Friday). Runny nose, sneezing, fever, the whole thing. Had I some medicine that day, I probably wouldn’t be that bad today. I’m bedridden trying to recoup my strength. It wouldn’t be so bad if my dad didn’t like to leave the Air running at 70 F. All the time I spent outside of my bed I’m freezing my ass off.

So, what does one do on a day off? Well, I finished up Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. After almost 100 hours of playing It’s done. I’m satisfied with the conclusion, but I really like to see something really flashy and long and lasting after having played 100 hours!!! That’s 4 and some days off my life that I gave to that game! What the hell! The thing is, that while you can continue playing FFTA, I probably won’t be putting so much into it - I still have around 70 missions to do - I don’t have another game to take it’s place. I have Kirby, also for GBA, but that’s more of a “I have 20 minutes to kill let me do something that doesn’t require any thought” type of game. Maybe I’ll go get Metroid Zero Mission or maybe Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga as I’ll need a game to play on the GBA on my way up to Gainesville the 16th (I’m helping Kate move). Maybe I’ll get something for the gamecube.

I feel so sick, maybe I should head back to bed…

June 1, 2004 05:18 AM Journal


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