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It’s friday night and I’m stuck at home. My mom and sister are going to watch Harry Potter today (I’m waiting to see it with Kate). I have no friends, so here I am at home. Though it’s not all bad, I hope to get my new as of yet unnamed Java servlet project started today. I’m going to take the current codebase for my Software Engineering assigment - which is just horrible - and write a much improved library system. I’m thinking of using it mainly for managing my collection of tangible media (DVD’s, CD’s and some books). Basically I’ll let the world see what I own, and let a select group of friends be able to browse and borrow.

I think I’m going to label the current code v.01 as its just very primitive. If you try to search, but there is no search string, it matches everything. Yeah, I have to really a little less on pure SQL to get me through I suppose. That, accompanied with my sometimes perfectionist attitude that keeps me at it untill its the way I wanted that makes me feel the first released version will be dubbed v.05.

The first order of business to get there is to reorganize the current schema and make it more sutible for adding descriptions and comments (I’m aiming to be very trendy and interactive). There’s some standout things that need to be removed - like periodicals. I’m also going to make it a little more mySQL consious. Once the core DB code has been reworked I’ll probably have crappy interface but will input all my stuff in and have something to work with.

Oh, and if this project actually starts to consume a big part of my life, you’ll likely see a blog devoted just for that.

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June 11, 2004 08:36 AM Programming


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