Massive Link Attack!

The week has been pretty slow for me. I’ve actually done several things, but it’s been very uninspiring. I suppose I just can’t wait untill next Wednesday, when I get to board a train to go see Kate to be forever united. It’s a very happy thought.

Just because I’ve been uninspired doesn’t mean everyone else was. There was pleanty of good articles to be found online - thanks in part to slashdot. Of course I got somethings to say about it all - it is my rendition of the world that this site is dedicated to.

On the Gaming Side

I’m not sure if I would say that the xbox is the PC Killer but there indeed has been a general decline in the the quantity and quality of good PC games. In the current economy there are definately some companies that just aren’t making it anymore, which is sad because then we all lose great franchises (though I hope the fallout creators don’t give up hope). Companies tend to stick to what works and what guarantees them income, anything other than that is advertising, which also happens to be very dispensible when the economy is down. I hope that we’ll see the PC have great games in the future, but the writer did have several good points.

The industry has matured, this is true. And because it has matured, it has brought in commercial people. This is now a complete for profit business. As much as we would like to think that games are designed by gamer programmers for gamers, the highers ups will only allow production of things that sell. The innovation and creativity of the 80’s and 90’s PC gaming industry came about because it was a small almost “indie” industry without a bottom line. It’s possible we might see a strong indie segment appear like it did in films, but will it succeed?

On Cellphone Services Sucking

I suppose once cnn does an article it becomes official. Mind you, I’m pretty ambivalent about the subject. Sometimes I hate all phone providers because they suck with their 1-year agreements and their need to only support certain phones. Sometimes I feel really happy with how good my reception is, though still hoping for a better phone. I’m really not sure why services want to keep you on certain phones - it’s a loss item for them anyways! I would be extremly happy with the companies if they let me decide which phone I want, and then decide on the service. That keeps out Nextel, cause they suck (I really loath the Walkey-Talkie feature - I don’t think anyone should have that type of access to me at all times, besides people look ridiculus and you can’t even understand what the other person says). But then, having the choice of phones, only makes sense when were talking about me wanting to play games, or does it really?

I lost my train of thought

I really did have something to say to these links, but I lost it listening to “Da Funk”.

Linux as bloated as windows. I agree with this author, as a Linux noob for 4 years counting, I’ve always found that linux is slow to start up and always took up at least 2GB as a fresh install. That’s worst then Windows 98 and 2000! I’ve never had the problem of the author’s friend however, though when I was stuck on a K6-3 500 with 128MB of RAM I was using Mandrake 8 with KDE 2, which was pretty darn good setup. It would be nice to see a slim version of current Distros though.

Grotesque Animation in Games. I don’t agree with this writer though. I suppose it could be true that people find androids rather grotesque as they get to look 99% human, but to put that on to games. Now theres a fairly good explination for motions not synching with sound - bad or quick or just hard programming and design. It could just be that the engine just wasn’t made with that in mind and its being added as best as possible? That task in and of itself is hard to do, and while there are stand alone applications that do it, it’s rare to see it outside of it. I do have one question to ask, what about 3D movies like Final Fantasy? Surely they looked more life like then any current game. Did the entire picture look grotesque?

I think that’s the end of my ranting for the night.

[Listening to: In A Galaxy - Love Inc. - (3:57)]

June 11, 2004 09:28 AM Online Chatter


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