Rolling Back Time

*sneeze* *cough*

I still feel a little sick. Somewhat better then yesterday, and while I would love to stay at home and rest, I have some important work to do (maybe I’ll just go to work to pick it up and come back). Regardless of how I feel, I still hate IE.

While trying to finalize the new design I’m making for the company website, I thought I would try it out in the most browsers so I could consider myself a good web designer. I tested on the latest Operah, Firefox (which counts as mozilla and all such gecko powered browsers), good old Netscape 4.8 (in which there’s no saving) and IE 6. Besides Netscape, I got the site looking pretty good on all the mentioned platforms. Unfortunately, since our business is selling to Central American countries, and most Central American countries are apparently still running Windows 98, I needed to try the new design out in previous versions of IE - especially IE 4. I remembered reading somewhere that it was possible to get multiple versions of IE to run in windows - I would link to that precious article right now if not for the fact that I’m lazy and that the link is at work - and so I got IE 4, 5, and 5.5 on my computer at work to continue my design process. The results:

IE 5.5 Worked beautifully.

IE 5.01 Had some issues with the styles for IE 6 and 5.5 so they had to be revised.

IE 4.01 Didn’t understand most of what my styles where telling it. On the upside, the thing looked a whole lot better then anything Netscape 4.8 could muster even though it kept crashing on me every 5 minutes. To get around the pathetic attempt at standards the Microsoft calls IE 4 I had to make some minor revisions to the structure of my documents. I’m not particularly proud of having to move the “on the side information” above the actual content of the page, but it’s the only way I can make the site look half way decent and readable in IE 4.

Now for some interesting links on the recent commentaries about the new browser wars and lack of standards compliance (though perhaps not as relevant as they should be.

June 2, 2004 08:50 AM HTML and CSS


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