Whats You’re Favorite BnL Album?

I’ve been browsing amazon.com lately and I keep coming up on BnL CD’s. There’s some customer reviews on Everything to Everyone that completely bash Maroon. It’s not my favorite Album, but it did have it’s moments. I particularly liked Off the Hook. Mind you, a lot of the reviews were just really happy that Everything wasn’t as bad as Maroon. Was it really that bad of a CD. Would anyone call it the worst of BnL? I suppose it could be, but even then I don’t think any of BnL’s CDs are horrible.

As for my favorite, I’m not really quite sure. I do like Stunt a lot, but theres some songs I usually skip over - same ones Kate skips over. And I found Everything to be as good as Stunt. Then, there’s also Gordon the first BnL CD. I can’t even decide on my favorite song! I keep moving from one to another. Though One Week has always been a favorite.

on the sound waves: Light Up My Room by Barenaked Ladies - (3:36)

June 13, 2004 12:02 PM Random


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My favorite is the one for the concert I went to (https://www.werkshop.com/bnllive/details.jsp?product_id=19). :) The BNL Bootlegs, where the band put their concerts up for download (at the low price of $13!) a few days after the show during the "Play Everywhere for Everyone" tour was great.

Studio album? Stunt: though I'm willing to admit that it may be because of other things. It was the first BNL CD I got. It was the first CD I listened to in my first car. It has definite sentimental value. Everything to Everyone is a great CD. I listen to it constantly. Maroon is my least favorite, but it's still good.

Posted by: Eddie Williams | June 13, 2004 06:55 AM

Yeah, I was thinking on getting the concert CD. It was a really entretaining show with a great mix of their music. We loved the encore at the end, they played "Call and Answer".

Yeah, I definately feel the same way about the BnL CD's. They are all quite good. It just sometimes hurts me to say that I don't like one as much as the others.

Posted by: darksama | June 15, 2004 09:06 AM

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