Windows Styles

Over the weekend I went ahead and made my computer slower by installing StyleXP. It’s not the first time I’ve done it. It doesn’t hog too many resources - well, only once you pass the 30 day trial limit, don’t pay, and let it keep starting. Thing is I really get bored of the limited way windows can look, so I tend to go back to stylexp every so often. I usually get my themes from ThemeXP.org. It takes me a while to find good ones. I have panther running right now, it’s supposed to look like a mac, and while it does a good job in most situtations, it looks ridiculous in others. Maybe I should change themes. Unimportant though, I’m leave to Gainesville tomorow for four days. I’m going to go pick up Kate!

On an unrelated note: the new yahoo mail upgrade deleted all my folders. Or maybe they had just been slowly erased the less and less I used the service. It’s almost like when I woke up one day to find my geocities account all gone. As much as Yahoo! may want to emulate Google, if it keeps deleting accounts that may not get many logins, but more get enough traffic should be kept operational. Follow Google’s moto: Do No Bad.

on the sound waves: Danny Elfman / Trouble by Various Artists - (3:33)

June 16, 2004 12:13 PM Random


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