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!A synapsis of what’s to come!

As much as I liked the dubbing of Kare Kano (I did end up buying all 5 DVDs), I don’t think they had to film the translation’s voice actors of Yukino’s sisters doing it. It was a little annoying, but…

wed, jul 21, 2004 | Journal
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MTClient 1.6

I’m trying out MTClient 1.6 - pauses for a second when he realizes that MTClient isn’t in MTClient’s dictionary. I’ve said a couple of things earlier about MTClient, and I’m definitely liking where it’s going. There’s still some minor things…

tue, jul 20, 2004 | Software
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Who else was thinking this?

Today on slashdot I found an article on someone who wanted to know which sites got hit by the download.ject attack. I was curious about this too, every news report on every site was a little vague on that subject,…

tue, jul 20, 2004 | Online Chatter
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It’s really irritating

Ever since I was able to get my webserver back up, I’ve been having problems with spam posts. I’m just glad that I’m able to approve comments now, otherwise there would already be over hundreds of posts linking to porn…

mon, jul 19, 2004 | Website News
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Java Utilities

I’ve been doing a couple of small Java programs at work. Mostly having to work with Comma Seperated Values (CSV) and such. One ushc program was trying to convert our contacts database, which at the monent is being kept as…

fri, jul 16, 2004 | Programming
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To Jabber, or not to Jabber?

The inspiration actually came to me on Tuesday, when my sister wanted to send me a link to a webpage at work. She just sent me a couple of email messages with links on them. And it dawned on me…

thu, jul 15, 2004 | Software
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Lazy to the core

So there’s a good explanation of why my site hasn’t been up for the better part of two weeks. I’m lazy. See, the webserver is the only computer I left at my folks place. And every so often, because it…

thu, jul 15, 2004 | Random
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My Poor Back!

I’m not sure what is it about shoe boxes, but considering that the Barenaked Ladies had a song about shoe boxes, there’s something to them. Today I’ve been trying to clean out my room in my parents house. When I…

mon, jul 5, 2004 | Journal
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Sticking with MTClient

After a month or of using MTC, I gave in and installed w.bloggar again. I have a soft side for good looking programs. Now w.bloggar is a great piece of software, but it still has that one flaw that bugs…

thu, jul 1, 2004 | Software , Website News
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Geek Style: Endorsement 1

The Generic Humanoid Carbon Unit shirt from ThinkGeek came in today. I’m very happy. I’ve been wanting a thinkgeek t-shirt ever since I found thinkgeek. I’m loving it. As for my glasses, I’m starting to get used to them. The…

thu, jul 1, 2004 | Journal , Random
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