!A synapsis of what’s to come!

As much as I liked the dubbing of Kare Kano (I did end up buying all 5 DVDs), I don’t think they had to film the translation’s voice actors of Yukino’s sisters doing it. It was a little annoying, but then I suppose it was also somewhat irritating in Japanese.

Either way, here is a synapsis of what’s to come!

Kate and I are getting married this Saturday. The ceremony itself will be a private, family and marriage party only event, while the reception, held in the afternoon will be for everyone. We’re hoping 70 people come. Crossing our fingers, hoping to God, please let these people come. If you’re interested in coming, but haven’t received and invitation, send me an email, there’s still some room left!

Friday night we’re having the rehearsal at Chris and Fla’s. Its funny, because I don’t think half the wedding party will be there. I’m also hoping to go out and do "stuff" with my buddies. And by stuff, I mean do more than nothing. Maybe go to Bennigan’s or Friday’s for some booze. Booze is always good. That also means I’m being kicked out of the house, as I can’t see the bride before the ceremony.

As for after the wedding, our honeymoon is going to be at a resort nearby. We’re a little poor. Tuesday Kate starts her part time job at the "Halloween store". Hopefully her other options will pan out, but at least we have a secondary source of income. She’s happy about it, me too, I hope she likes working there, she goes crazy being alone at the house.

July 21, 2004 11:26 AM Journal


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