MTClient 1.6

I’m trying out MTClient 1.6 - pauses for a second when he realizes that MTClient isn’t in MTClient’s dictionary. I’ve said a couple of things earlier about MTClient, and I’m definitely liking where it’s going.

There’s still some minor things that are bugging me, like not having a pretty interface, lack of currently listening music, and it still lacks powerful configuration dialogs, but the new version has an interesting face lift. It’s definitely trying to be more utilitarian. The previous interface had two text boxes (one for the body of the blog and one for the extra text), now its down to just one, though the extract text box is still easily available. The bold and italics buttons now properly use <strong> and <em> tags, though <u> is still used for underline, instead of perhaps using a span with a style attribute.

There are some things that I would still like to see added though. Except, I really can’t remember them at the moment as my feet are soaking in water. Uhm… Actually, it would be nice if tags were highlighted some color. While you’re at it, adding the list of special characters to the dictionary would also be nice.

Still, I wish the UI was a little prettier. The next release of w.bloggar, seems close to completion. Until then, I’m still sticking with MTClient.

July 20, 2004 11:51 AM Software


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