Sticking with MTClient

After a month or of using MTC, I gave in and installed w.bloggar again. I have a soft side for good looking programs. Now w.bloggar is a great piece of software, but it still has that one flaw that bugs me: I still get the can’t post error that doesn’t mean anything because it posts it anyways without the heading and the category. With MTC I haven’t had any such problems yet. Sure it doesn’t support adding songs at the end of the post, and it doesn’t look as pretty, but at least I don’t end posting twice on my blog. There is also great support for MT things like extra categories and extra text.

I’m still interested and doing some sort of “currently listening” song or list of songs. Though not entirely sure how I would go about that, or more specifically, have it dynamically add album covers. Maybe if I had some time.

July 1, 2004 09:21 AM Software


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