entries from august 2004

First thoughts

Just finally got a change, in between watching the Olympics, to install SP 2and I’m utterly annoyed. I know that Microsoft is trying to push for security to the point were they are now willing to sacrifice compatibility to get…

sat, aug 14, 2004 | Random
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short note

It’s been several weeks that this website has been down. I’m rather sorry for those of you that actually are capable of reading through my ramblings, so I’m not so sad that you didn’t have access to my site for…

wed, aug 11, 2004 | Journal
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Up to par

Back in June, the new design of the FRS website went online. I spent a couple of weeks on it. Didn’t make many changes, just the structure of the pages (went from tables to divs and css), and a little…

wed, aug 11, 2004 | HTML and CSS
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