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It’s been several weeks that this website has been down. I’m rather sorry for those of you that actually are capable of reading through my ramblings, so I’m not so sad that you didn’t have access to my site for that time.

Well, let me not be an ass, I do feel bad. Actually, I’ve been trying my damn hardest to bring this site back up, but with the moving, and the wedding, and this and that. Yes, I know its just excuses, but considering that I host this from my own computer, with a domain name I don’t even own, what can you expect?! I’ve been trying, yet been really busy painting, and moving, and setting up my stuff. I didn’t have internet for almost a week, let alone be motivated enough to bring my computer and its speakers!

Good news is that we’ve got almost everything set up here at our new place. That includes utilities and cable. I’m trying out cable internet. Hopefully it won’t be awful. Last night I was downloading Windows XP SP2 and I couldn’t believe my eyes to see speeds of 300KB. It’s pretty sweet. I can only hope that up speeds are good too.

Not much else to say really. I have the two servers in the closet for the moment. They are doing a wonderful job of keeping that walk-in closet nice and toasty. Though I hope it’s not causing the webserver to die sporadically. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it. They are rather loud, so I don’t want to have them out in the bedroom.

I’ve been contemplating doing some revisions and updates on the servers, specially the webserver. Possibly heading to either the next release of Fedora Core, or maybe a more hands on distro like Gentoo. I’ve got some nifty links to read over from slashdot. This is also to be accompanied to some little hardware revisions. I’m going to see what I can do to alleviate sound, while at the same time stuffing the hardware into smaller containers.

I’ll be coming back with some more good stuff, I promise.

August 11, 2004 12:28 PM Journal


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