entries from september 2004

Cool… 100 posts…

Actually, considering this blog has always had difficulties remaining up for long periods of time, I’m sure that there’s been more than 100 posts. However, this iteration actually made it to that milestone marker. Yay! And yes, I know that…

tue, sep 28, 2004 | Random
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It’s next to the Thai restaurant

Last weekend, all of us living in the same house, went to this place we’d never heard of before next to the thai restaurant in the Four Eyes shopping plaza 2 blocks away from Best Buy. And that sentence is…

fri, sep 24, 2004 | Journal
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New Network Toy

Three years ago we got what I thought was the coolest copier ever - at the time. It was a new all digital Kyocera Mita Copier/Printer. I was impressed. Seriously, it was the first time I had seen such fine…

thu, sep 16, 2004 | Cool IT Stuff , Gadgets and Hardware
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I’m a doofus

So… No one is able to access my website. Anything I say here isn’t being read by any one other then me. Sigh. Stupid Router….

mon, sep 13, 2004 | Website News
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Another Project that probably won’t see the light of day

I’ve been working on a new site design for "The Anime Plaza" since February now. Just recently, and thanks in part to a slashdot link, I’m finally close to finishing the layout. It’s taken me so long not because I’m…

sun, sep 12, 2004 | Website News
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Still Having Issues

A little over 90 minutes after turning on my server, it froze. And then it did so again and again. I’m thinking it was probably a little too hot. So I did a little work this morning: swapped out the…

sat, sep 11, 2004 | Website News
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Too cool

This is a project I’m actually thinking of doing within the next six months: I think the picture says it all. It’s very sweet. On the nintendo side of things, Classic Nintendo running windows is pretty cool too. Of course,…

fri, sep 10, 2004 | Gadgets and Hardware
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And we’re back on… For 5 minutes…

It’s been almost a month since my last post, and since my server has been running for longer then 5 minutes. When I recently moved into our new place and set all my computers up, my server started dying on…

fri, sep 10, 2004 | Website News
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