It’s next to the Thai restaurant

Last weekend, all of us living in the same house, went to this place we’d never heard of before next to the thai restaurant in the Four Eyes shopping plaza 2 blocks away from Best Buy. And that sentence is only funny if you know that addresses in Costa Rica follow from that example. The actual location of the mediteranian place, Basha, wasn’t that bad - looked like any other local plaza restaurant. As we walked in, we had no idea what would transpire in the next couple of hours.

Two things came out of that experience. One, we’ll probably skip Basha like the plague. Though the food wasn’t that bad, besides meat that was overly spiced, but the service was horrible. It could have been that our waitress was new, she seemed pretty nervous through out serving us, and it could explain some things, but our food was still not delivered uniformly and the orders had been changed a little. Kate’s mom’s order couldn’t even be made!

The other thing that came out of that night, is four-cows.com. There isn’t anything up at that address right now, but there could be within a year’s time. It will be the site for a comic titled “Four Cows of the Apocalypse”, basically detailing our demented minds for fun and profit. Though I’m not sure how the profit thing will work right now. As the one that is tech knowledgeable, I’m going to be looking at backends for this endeavor soon, and start to work on a new site design. Hopefully this won’t become a dead project, and something will be up and running before next September.

September 24, 2004 08:31 AM Journal


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