Still Having Issues

A little over 90 minutes after turning on my server, it froze. And then it did so again and again. I’m thinking it was probably a little too hot. So I did a little work this morning: swapped out the duron 1200 for something that would run a little cooler, a duron 700. Yeah, I know we’re talking about a 500 MHz decrease, but I’m not going to feel it, are you?

On the bright side of things, I broke one of my keyboard cords. The space where I have my servers is a little crowded and I didn’t notice the tug until I broke the thing. Sigh. At least it was the keyboard cord that went to the file server, which is a good thing too cause it’s the only server of the two I can remotely logon to the desktop with. The fedora box is giving me issues with VNC that I just don’t feel like going into at the moment.

So, we’ll see how the processor change goes. Maybe I’ll only be freezing once a day instead of several times a day. Sigh.

September 11, 2004 01:31 AM Website News


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