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I’m not exactly sure if this website is going to stay up for very long. I decided using a different port number in hopes to circumvent adelphia’s port 80 blocker, and it seems to have worked. But, for all I know they could have employees scouring their network making sure there isn’t anyone sharing anything, so who knows?

As for me. I’ve been busy - You can ask Ducassi, he’s been as busy. I want to get back into the habbit of regular updates but I make no promises.

One of the first things I want to do is clean up my linux box so there might be a day or so of no website. I’m looking to clean the drive and install fedora core 3. Additionally I’ll probably start using Tomcat as my exclusive webserver instead of Apache 2 (though I have to make sure it can run php) that way I’ll be able to work on the long forgotten library project next semester (because I wont be taking any classes). However, November looks rather busy and so does December, so this may not happen until 2005 and a new hard drive. We’ll see.

Along with the OS upgrade, I’ll probably be touching up the site a little too. I’m thinking on using a content management system as I want to better organize articles I’ve been doing for my parent’s Insurance Newsletter as well as school essays and such. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a blog, I’ll probably upgrade to a personal license of MT 3.1 and let others blog along as an addition to a new site I’m going to start here as beta before offloading onto a hosting service. We’re not hoping to make any money off that, it’s just that I want to be prepared in case this becomes somewhat popular.

So, lot’s of stuff to come along with some hopefully funny and interesting comments from a person that is incapable of writing!

November 15, 2004 08:29 AM Website News


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