entries from december 2004

Rule of threes

I was sending off this years New Year’s e-card for the company today so I had some time in my hands (There’s around 1000 people in the company contact list and I had to use outlook to send the message)….

thu, dec 30, 2004 | Random
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All those things

I’m surprised about all the things I got this christmas. I’m really quite happy, although I really wasn’t expecting much of anything except for two games: Mario Party 6 and Paper Mario. It’s so cool that enough people notice and…

tue, dec 28, 2004 | Journal
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Post Childhood Software

Boxing day I had a blast at Best Buy - I came out with $200 worth of stuff including three memory cards (one 256 MB Compact Flash, one 128 MB sony stick, one 256 Block card for the GameCube) and…

tue, dec 28, 2004 | Software
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Christmas is really busy

I’ve been up to a lot of things this christmas season - and as such the only time I have been able to steal a couple of minutes on my computers is bright an early in the morning when I…

fri, dec 24, 2004 | Random
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Pre Christmass Hussle

I just got rearended. Yes. It sucks. I’m still trying to calm down and stop worrying. Everyone came out alright. We’re fine, I think. I’m just a little shaken, and somewhat worried about what this is going to do to…

fri, dec 24, 2004 | Journal
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Senior Year Almost Over

This isn’t exactly my senior year in college. To be truthful, it’s my fifth and I only have eight more credits to go. Realistically then, I only have one quarter of a 30 credit year to go. Yay! It’s taken…

tue, dec 7, 2004 | Journal
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Yet another format

I spend most of the weekend formatting my computer. I think that’s the second time this year, or was it the third? I’m back to a simple computer that isn’t cluttered with installations of software that I don’t use and…

mon, dec 6, 2004 | Random
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I’m back to w.bloggar again. I just really prefer the GUI of w.bloggar to other programs. It really doesn’t compare. Actually, I’m back to using w.bloggar as I’m trying out version 4 RC 2. It’s implemented all (I think) of…

wed, dec 1, 2004 | Random
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Looking for the perfect (free) editor

Sometime in the summer, I can’t remember when exactly, I was able to convince my parrents that I needed the Macromedia MX 2004 Studio. The studio comes with a lot of software and is usually priced as such, but me…

wed, dec 1, 2004 | HTML and CSS , Software
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