All those things

I’m surprised about all the things I got this christmas. I’m really quite happy, although I really wasn’t expecting much of anything except for two games: Mario Party 6 and Paper Mario. It’s so cool that enough people notice and like me enough. That’s not to say I’m egoistic, I personally enjoyed getting gifts for everyone else. I think Ducassi and Kate’s brother’s gifts were the best. They were certainly laughing when they opened their gifts. There are just a couple of gifts that I got that just surprised me and make just want tell everyone who got them for me, so here we go.

Best Present
Sony 4.1 MegaPixel Camera (the PC 72 I think) - My dad got me this one, and I’m sure it was a hard decision for him and his budget constraints, thanks dad
Best Gag Present
Plastic Cake Holder - Kate’s mom got us this one only because of the story behind it: see, she got us a glass cake holder/punch bowl for our wedding, and Kate accidentally broke it. Know I don’t know what was it, but I got a little angry at this, and ever since its been this funny story about the bowl breaking
Best Toadally Me Present
“Toadally” T-shirt - Matt found a T-shirt of Toad with the caption “Toadally” underneath it. In all the mario games - I always choose Toad.
Best Expected Present
Mario Party 6, Paper Mario and Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time - I don’t know, but for some reason, I just knew they were coming, and I know Ducassi made the effort for prince, but someone else got it for me too!

December 28, 2004 10:08 AM Journal


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