Rule of threes

I was sending off this years New Year’s e-card for the company today so I had some time in my hands (There’s around 1000 people in the company contact list and I had to use outlook to send the message). So I found myself reading three really good articles that I found links to at slashdot.

The first article I started reading was an interesting read on coganitive overload. There really isn’t much special that I can add, or a witty comment to tack, other then that I found the article very interesting. I don’t know about my friends, but I can definately relate to just being overwhelmed with things to do. Even at home. It seems like theres just not enough of that precious resource: time. Updating my blog takes time, keeping up with new events and technology takes time, working takes time, and sometimes it seems that you have to do everything at the same time. It’s a killer. This is definately something I would like to do some research on - maybe for my doctorates.

After reading that article and only being a third of the way through the contact list I came across an article about all of the greatest ideas Einstien contributed to science. I’ve been taking physics for a long time, and I have to agree that most modern physics and astronomy books are astonished that Einstein received the Nobel prize for the photoelectric effect rather then his special theory of relativity.

And with still a little ways to go, there was this final link to an article on nintendo at N-Sider.com. I definately agree with the article, as much as i love and support nintendo, they need more then 1st party franchise based games to pull them through. And I see this at all video game stores, the Gamecube section is always the smallest and its packed with mostly nintendo titles. The GBA section is a little different, it’s always pretty big and filled with all sorts of things, though unfortunately the DS doesn’t look like its doing better then the GC - but at this point its still to early to tell.

December 30, 2004 10:02 AM Random


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