Senior Year Almost Over

This isn’t exactly my senior year in college. To be truthful, it’s my fifth and I only have eight more credits to go. Realistically then, I only have one quarter of a 30 credit year to go. Yay! It’s taken me longer than I would have wanted, but after next wednesday, the 15th, I’ll only have one semester to go. Though, that semester is going to be summer - damn florida public system requirements.

This semester has been alright. Yes, I had to write a lot for my history class and that wasn’t very fun, but I came out with 3 A- essays out of 5. Tonight I finished my physics II lab. I was supposed to take physics II this semester as well, but Panthersoft kept me from it. Panthersoft is the new evil class registration and uber student management software by PeopleSoft that the FIU implemented for this semester. There was one class I had lots of fun in though, Solar Astronomy. That’s mostly because I didn’t go. And thats’ always fun!

December 7, 2004 11:09 AM Journal


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