A great discovery

Last monday, not yesterday, Kate and I were doing some errands when we hit upon a great discovery: a 24 hour taco shop! Yep. I always like when I find a great little mom and pop restaurant with awsome food. This especially true about mexican food here in Miami. It’s easy to find great cuban food, but everything is harder to come by (there’s less than five good Salvadoran places). Actually, what makes this cafeteria style find so expectacular is that its opened 24 hours. That just rocks!

I’ve already been there twice in a week and tried two different dishes: a three taco dish and an enchilada dish. I wish I could say from experience that they were authentic, but I can say that if its not, it’s at least closer then the other choice : TexMex.

For anyone that’s interested, its in the Borders Plaza on Kendall and 107th Ave, next to the bagel shop. You should check it out at least once, cause they have some hot sauces.

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January 11, 2005 07:41 AM Journal


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