entries from february 2005

What was the name of that game?

I remember playing this game a long time ago. Well, it wasn’t really a long time ago, though it seems like it. And it wasn’t really playing, it was dying. Over and over and over again, at the Radio Shack…

fri, feb 25, 2005 | Online Chatter
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Games kill people?

I forgot where I found the link to this article on Salon, but it’s very good. Besides the fact that you have to sit and watch an ad, the article itself is at least 20 minutes of a good read….

thu, feb 24, 2005 | Online Chatter , Video Games
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Cleaning up the place

So I did a little bit of cleaning up on the website today. One of the biggest things I wanted to get done was to get “Gallery” to look like the rest of the site. I thought it was going…

thu, feb 24, 2005 | Website News
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Poor Mario

I found this link through Kotaku. Now I agree that there have been times, mostly since the n64 came out, when the mario sprites have gone down in art work and visibilty. But I disagree that Mario and Luigi: Superstar…

tue, feb 22, 2005 | Online Chatter , Video Games
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I’m sorry Ducassi

While I did forget to even mention your birthday, which happened to be last Thursday, it’s not because I forgot but rather because I thought there were somethings that you would have liked to keep private from the rest of…

tue, feb 22, 2005 | Online Chatter
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A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to get an 802.11b AP! For those of you that don’t know much about technology, that’s a base station that allows for a wireless network. With that, I could finally roam…

thu, feb 17, 2005 | Gadgets and Hardware
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A New Job

This past monday was my first day at my new job: Web Editor at Alienware. I think I had a pretty hard time leaving my parents. I remember that even last year I was just hoping on finding a job…

wed, feb 16, 2005 | Journal
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New Website!

For the next couple of weeks some parts of the website will look off or just won’t work. Thats because, if you hadn’t noticed, I got a domain name and moved to a hosting service. I really don’t have the…

wed, feb 16, 2005 | Website News
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My name is … and I’m a Game Addict

I really have to thank the person that though of browser tabs, now I can click on a link and leave the browser running to be able to get back to all the secondary links I find on the web….

tue, feb 15, 2005 | Video Games
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