I’m sorry Ducassi

While I did forget to even mention your birthday, which happened to be last Thursday, it’s not because I forgot but rather because I thought there were somethings that you would have liked to keep private from the rest of the world. Either way, I’m sorry. Though I’m mostly sorry because that gray market website you’ve been using all this time to download music will probably be shut down soon. Sorry.

Now I’m sure you won’t join the rest of the country in using one of the many other fantastic sites to get legal digital music. Which all suffer from the same crippling feature: DRM. And to which on top of that, they are either rental subcription services or offer their music at less then great quality. It’s one of the main reasons why just this year alone (fiscal 2005) we’ve bought over 5 CD’s so far. We don’t like to be fixed into a product.

February 22, 2005 08:54 PM Online Chatter


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