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What a Mess

I just realized the left column is not where it should be in IE6. It’s strange because the code and the styles are the same throughout the site, but this problem is only happening in the homepage - which just…

wed, mar 30, 2005 | HTML and CSS
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The Fair. Be There!

Last night we all went to the Fair. Jess, Javier, Kate and I spend the evening there. My sister met up with us later that night - just in time for the “Dopple Looping”. Kate and Javier rode on…

fri, mar 25, 2005 | Journal
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All about Nintendo

I think I might have mentioned this website earlier in december. I was very impressed with the article defending the writer’s support for Nintendo. I’ve been a reader of N-Sider ever since. It is a definately great place on information…

wed, mar 23, 2005 | Online Chatter , Video Games
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A thorn on the side

It looks like firefox keeps gaining ground. So far it’s pushed IE down below 90%. That’s impressive. But there has been some not so great news about mozilla and its developers lately on the news. With the recent drop of…

sat, mar 19, 2005 | Cool IT Stuff
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Delightful Surprise

Last week, while at dadeland, I got Mario Sunshine. I was at the mall with Kate and Jess, we needed to get some gifts for a family party that Saturday. Anyways, looking for the restroom I walked into EBGames. I’m…

thu, mar 17, 2005 | Video Games
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The problem of text on the web

Since I started trying to develop and design websites using standards and CSS, I’ve had a problem with font sizes. Actually, to be truthful, I only noticed it when I started developing for multiple patforms. In previous 3.x versions of…

mon, mar 14, 2005 | HTML and CSS
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My employer on the news

Recently Alienware announced a co-development agreement with Kyocera. This happened just a couple of days ago. I was actually a little interested to see what would come up from this agreement. It turns out I didn’t have to wait that…

mon, mar 14, 2005 | Gadgets and Hardware
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new comic

Had an increadibly busy week today. I didn’t even do the dishes. I’m actually not sure what I ended up doing this past week aside of going to work. It was one of those weeks I suppose. There was one thing that did stand out this week, in the terms of interesting stuff I find online, and that is VG Cats.

sat, mar 12, 2005 | Online Chatter , Video Games
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Had an exceptionally good time today at the beach. Kate and I, along with Jess, Ducassi and his brother went to South Beach to meet up with Franc and his new IBM friends to play some tag football. We…

sun, mar 6, 2005 | On Life
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Bookmark Post - or Relative Positioning in Safari

Just a small little post to bookmark a page - I need to get to it from work. Multiple IEs in one computer Actually, there was one more site that I needed to get to - and spent a great…

wed, mar 2, 2005 | HTML and CSS
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