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I think I might have mentioned this website earlier in december. I was very impressed with the article defending the writer’s support for Nintendo. I’ve been a reader of N-Sider ever since. It is a definately great place on information about Nintendo consoles and games - as well as well written and thoughtful articles. I finally got a chance to read an article on complex games they’ve had up since early february, and though I’m not sure I completely agree, it was definately a good read. There were definately many things the writer needed to go into better detail or back up with some data. I could buy how he broke down video game barriers into a logical barrier, interface barrier and a perceptual barrier, but lacking any hard facts doesn’t try to explain why there couldn’t be more. I also think he didn’t explain or expound those points better. After showing you his sessions with non-gamers, he tries to draw back on to these points but it feels a little murky. It was definately all very interesting and he did argue well enough his point that games are made for gamers due to inherit barriers.

There is also a review in defense of Star Fox Assault. It seems to be the norm - the need to defend something that isn’t the best but that isn’t crap. I think thats a big problem with hardcore gamers, this mentality that everything new has to be better then what came before and if it’s not then it’s not worthy of playing. It’s very elitist.

Another piece of gaming goodness that is happening to be traveling the net at this moment: Wolfenstein 5k. To put it briefly: Wolfenstien in Javascript in under 5 Kilobytes.

[Update : 3/25/2005] I realized the day after I posted that the writer of the article talked about Ottawa’s OC Transpo - the public transportation system. I thought that was cool.

March 23, 2005 08:54 PM Video Games


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