Delightful Surprise

Last week, while at dadeland, I got Mario Sunshine. I was at the mall with Kate and Jess, we needed to get some gifts for a family party that Saturday. Anyways, looking for the restroom I walked into EBGames. I’m not a big fan of EB but I’m always up for looking at used games. They had Mario Sunshine for under $20 used - that’s a first, I’ve usually seen them over $20. Right next to it was Alien Homonid. I only know of this game thanks to Wired. Alien Homonid was also under $20. It was a tough choice - I’ve read many good things about it - though I went for the defensive one, I knew Sunshine would be fun. It’s also terribly harder then I thought.

Mario Sunshine

I’ve also thought about returning to Final Fantasy XI . This comes after reading a couple of articles on the web, including the comic below, on FFXI and thinking about how fun it was - you know, in between all the waiting for a party. I installed it earlier tonight, and it’s currently updating: 3 hours remainding. It won’t be untill the weekend that I’ll be logging on. That will give me enough time to think about what character I want to start up - it’s probably the best way to get back into it instead of trying to get back into the groove with Kathrynn. Warriors need to be trigger happy, changing between skills in the macro - not as bad as mages - but I have to remember how to use the macro system.

March 17, 2005 10:48 PM Video Games


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