The Fair. Be There!

A crazy ride at the Youth Fair

Last night we all went to the Fair. Jess, Javier, Kate and I spend the evening there. My sister met up with us later that night - just in time for the “Dopple Looping”. Kate and Javier rode on the most rides as Jess had a headache and I have problems with movement - it makes me puke. The ride above, which you can barely see, is one of those crazy ones that I really couldn’t try without having to present my lunch to poor souls standing by that Kate went on. We also saw the animal exhibits with prize winning chickens, bunnies and ginea pigs. There were some really impressive fowl. We got home around 1am, but had a good time.

There was one thing I learned last night: I can’t shoot good pictures. There were several pictures I had to take more than one time. I kept moving my arm in between the time I pushed the button and the time the picture was taken. There were too many blurry shots. I think I’m incapable of taking pictures through the small lcd screen - I have better luck with the viewfinder.

March 25, 2005 10:59 PM Journal


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