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IS the Mac really cheaper?

Why is it that every time someone tries to write an article the claims to be free of bias and that really tries to see if indeed Intel based machines are cheaper then any machine Apple makes, it always fails…

tue, apr 26, 2005 | Gadgets and Hardware
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To Dual or Not?

This past Monday Intel revealed to the world the Pentium Extreme Edition. Acutally, I think my what suprised me more out of anything else is that this is Intel’s first desktop Pentium release not called "Pentium 4". That’s right, it…

wed, apr 20, 2005 | Gadgets and Hardware
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New Car Smell

A little over a week ago - we got a car. It was in the air that day, which is extremely funny to say. With only a month to go before having to return the Corolla Kate and I thought…

tue, apr 12, 2005 | On Life
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New what Journalism?

There’s this thing going around the web. It’s a very new hip thing to be doing, but there aren’t that many examples of it, or that many people doing it. It’s called New Games Journalism and it’s infinately better then…

tue, apr 5, 2005 | Online Chatter , Video Games
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Being a little busy

The past couple of days have been rather busy for me. I’ve been doing a little work on the side besides my normal resting and playing games. Actually, sometimes it looks like I actually have a life: last Thrusday Kate…

tue, apr 5, 2005 | Movies , On Life
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more on this later!

Almost a week later after figuring out this site wasn’t looking it’s best in IE, I finally got around to fixing it - or at least I hope. I did a small little tweak last night in the CSS which…

tue, apr 5, 2005 | HTML and CSS
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